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3x3x3 Extras

The full 3x3x3 cube solution provided on this site orients the final layer then positions the corners and edges.

In this section of the site you will find short cuts to help speed up your solution.  Solutions for the problem of centre orientation with picture, number cubes.  You will also find alternate final layer solutions.

Short cut

Linking Corners and Edges

This is a short cut that links the bottom layer corners to the middle layer edges and then places them.  The idea is that instead of having eight separate processes you only have four processes to take the cube from having the cross solved to solving the bottom and middle layers.  Go.

Picture Cube Solutions

Solution 2, Edges then Corners (Final layer only)

This final layer solution is the one to use if you are solving a cube with arrows, pictures, letters, numbers, etc., on the faces.  This final layer solution assumes that you know how to solve the first two layers and have taken the care to make sure that the bottom and side centres have been correctly oriented when you have solved the cross on the first layer.  When placing the first edge if you make sure that the two centres are oriented to correctly match the faces on the edge and then ensure that the other three edges line up correctly with their side face before positioning them on the bottom, the bottom and side centres will remain correctly oriented throughout the solution.  Go.

Rotating Centres

These algorithms have been provided for those who do not wish to learn the above final layer solution but solve picture or Sudoku cubes and their preferred solution regularly does not orient one or more of the centres correctly.  Go.

Understanding the Sudoku Cube

How to solve a Sudoku Cube even if you haven't seen the solved cube.  Do not believe the stories that you need to know something about the solved cube before you can solve it.  This is a myth spread by those who may know how to solve a cube but have a poor understanding of Sudoku.  Although the manufacturers of Fair dinkum Sudoku Cubes sadly, use poor quality cubes, however, the number layouts are such, that their cubes can be solved even if you haven't seen it in the solved state.  Go.

Shepherds Cube

Originally covered with hearts Shepherds Cube is now ironically, covered with arrows. Is this a matter of life and death or is it Cupid at work?  I love it.  Finding a supplier is difficult if not impossible, however, cubes and stickers are both available, but you have to know the layout that arrows must follow for the puzzle to be a fair dinkum Shepherds cube.  Go.

Other Solutions

Solution 3, Corners then Edges (Final layer only)

This solution assumes that you can solve the first two layers. Go.

Solution 4, Position then Orient (Final layer only)

This solution assumes that you can solve the first two layers. Go.

Full 3x3x3 Top Down Solution

A full solution with two final layer solutions.  I am always sceptical of those who say they worked out how to solve the cube without instructions particularly when they can't solve the cube from the top down.  Of course I dare not treat the Spatial Perception Intelligentsia to the said scepticism.  My experience in the 1980's when the cube was only available here in specialty games and novelty shops, and there were no solution booklets available, I was far more obsessed about messing up what I had already solved and making sure that no matter what I tried it would have to reset what I had already solved.  if you tried to solve the cube without instructions and gave up before you went looking for instructions do you remember which way up you held the cube. Go.


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